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REV-X High Performance Oil and Fuel Additives

We are pleased to see your interest in our product line-up. There has been a lot of interest in our products from many different industries due to the fact that we deliver to our customers something that the rest of the additive industry claims, but does not deliver. Products that WORK better than our claims!

REV-X came to be while trying to find a product that would give us a competitive edge within our racing program. We tested every product we could get our hands on from A to Z. When all readily accessible avenues for quality working products were depleted we came to the realization that we would have to formulate our own products to achieve what we desired. Over the next four years, hundreds of formulations were tested in very diverse applications before we finally achieved our goal. We are extremely confident that the completed products will more than satisfy your expectations and then bury them by performance that increases with use (unlike our competitions products!). These products were then time tested within various industries to gather facts for development on current and future product applications. The formulations created from this testing were called revolutionary by some and extraordinary by others, creating the REV-X brand name. We believe you'll agree that the product line up offered by REV-X Products, Inc. is going to be very hard for the competition to beat!

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