01-15 GM Duramax CTS Diesel Evolution - 85200

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Recent applications added include: -2015 Ford F-250/F-350 6.7L & 2015 GM/Chevy 2500/3500 Duramax 6.6L trucks! Want this product in a limited edition Mossy Oak pattern? Same price and same features! Click here The Evolution CTS in-cab tuner and digital gauge display is a full-color, high-resolution 4.3-inch touch screen device. This device allows you to tune your vehicle and monitor vitals without spending hundreds of extra dollars on analog gauges. The CTS comes equipped with a video-in port allowing users to connect to a backup camera or other video source. One part number for all supported diesel vehicle applications. Applications currently supported: 94-2015 Ford F-series trucks equipped with Power Stroke engines 2001-2015 Chevy 2500,3500,4500 trucks with Duramax engines 2003-2012 Dodge Ram 2500 and 3500 with Cummins engines. Note: Check vehicle search for your specific application as some commercial(Flatbed delivery, Ambulances, dump trucks, etc.) applications are not supported. *Note: Device not compatible with 2011 RAM 6.7L manual transmissions POWER LEVEL 1: + 30 HP & +60 lb-ft •POWER LEVEL 2: +50 HP & 60 lb-ft •POWER LEVEL 3: 70 HP & 150 lb-ft •POWER LEVEL 4: 100 HP & 210 lb-ft •PERFORMANCE TESTS •SPEEDOMETER CORRECTION •DATA ACQUISITION: Advanced + PIDS •DTC READ CLEAR •INTERNET UPDATES •PERFORMANCE TUNES •TOW TUNE •ECONOMY TUNE